Likening beer and cider tasting to wine tasting, drinkers are seeking to be educated about hops, bitterness scales (IBU) and regional influences and are turning to a bottle or can of craft beer or cider over the regular pint of Carlton Draught.

Super Bowl XLVIII will be screened live on The Highway's and Warradale Hotel's outdoor screens and  with sound on Monday February 3rd. For more details, visit or

Demand increases for pubs to cater for diners with refined wine palates

As Adelaide’s gastro pubs compete with some of the city’s top restaurants on menu items and food quality, diners are seeking the same experience when it comes to being guided through the wine list.

The Highway, awarded SA’s Best Hotel in 2012 and owned by leading hotel group, The Palmer Hospitality Group is where you’ll find James Parham. James is The Highway’s Bistro manager and now one of the only qualified Sommeliers on the Adelaide pub scene.

In support of the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, Adelaide’s leading men are taking the care of women’s breasts into their own hands. Lewis and Lowe (Nova 919), Fraser Evans, John Hinge and Matthew Duldig (Sturt Football Club), Adelaide United players, Cosi (Channel 9) and Georgie (X Factor) are pairing up each Friday night in October to raise money for breast cancer research. The lads will be shouting cocktails and leading fundraising activities as part of the annual BrasOn for BrasOff campaign.

More and more Aussies are favouring a slender stubbie of craft beer over a pint from the big breweries but do they know the humble beginnings of what they’re drinking? Three of Australia’s leading brewers are going head-to-head-to-head and telling their stories in a battle to be crowned the crowd’s favorite brewer.

Favouring an educational, new experience over a chicken parmi, diners are demanding more from their local pub. Caught up in the culinary reality TV show revolution, dining has been brought to new gastronomic levels as consumers look to expand their palate.  

AHA Awards

Best Gaming Venue - 2013
Best Marketed Hotel - 2012
Best Retail Outlet - 2011
Best Outdoor Area - 2009
Best Redeveloped Venue - 2008
Best Casual Dining - 2015 
Best Sporting Entertainment Venue - 2015
Best Overall Hotel - 2012, 2010
Best Bar Presentation & Service - 2012, 2010, 2008
Best Outdoor Area - 2012, 2010, 2008
Best Marketed Hotel - 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Best Retail Outlet - 2009
Best Gaming venue - 2013

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80's + 90's Retro Party - New Years Eve
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