Adelaide artists playing original music keeps the music scene alive.

In years gone by, live music was driven out of venues by the flashing lights and mechanic sounds of the pokie machine bandwagon. Today, we see a resurgence of live, original music being played by largely untapped Adelaide talent who are going places.

The Highway, awarded SA’s Best Hotel in 2012 and owned by leading hotel group, The Palmer Hospitality Group is where you’ll find some of Adelaide’s talented musical gems playing every Wednesday night at an evening affectionately named Combi Room.

According to The Highway’s Music Director, and lead singer for Escapades, Kiki Courtidis, Adelaide pub goers have always been drawn to live music venues but are now favouring original artists over cover bands.

"With the recent influx of small bars, people appreciate intimate venues over big room music facilities. These intimate venues are home to some of Adelaide’s best original talent" said Miss Courtidis. 

"Original artists sing with passion and soul because the tracks they’ve written are born out of personal experience. So often, I see customers stopping their conversation, putting their drinks down and really taking in the words being sung by artists. It’s great to see the appreciation and satisfaction on their faces." Continued Miss Courtidis

2013 X-Factor contestant, Cat Vas has witnessed the evolution of Adelaide’s live music scene and describes Adelaide pub goers as ‘some of the kindest in the country’ when it comes to appreciating original artists.

"I’ve played gigs all over the country, in fact some of my first gigs were at The Highway. As an original artist, I appreciate venues putting their faith in me to perform with such passion and enthusiasm to engage and entertain the crowd." Said Miss Vas.

"It’s inspiring to play in front of such generous and supportive audiences. So much so, it inspired me to audition for X-Factor and while my progress on the show is top secret until it goes to air, let’s just say I’m glad I did." concluded Miss Vas.

Despite her inclusion in X-Factor 2013, Cat Vas loves playing Adelaide’s pub circuit and takes every opportunity to perform at Combi Room when she’s in town.

Combi Room takes place at The Highway each Wednesday evening from 7pm.

AHA Awards

Best Gaming Venue - 2013
Best Marketed Hotel - 2012
Best Retail Outlet - 2011
Best Outdoor Area - 2009
Best Redeveloped Venue - 2008
Best Casual Dining - 2015 
Best Sporting Entertainment Venue - 2015
Best Overall Hotel - 2012, 2010
Best Bar Presentation & Service - 2012, 2010, 2008
Best Outdoor Area - 2012, 2010, 2008
Best Marketed Hotel - 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Best Retail Outlet - 2009
Best Gaming venue - 2013

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